CallMultiplier phone tree service

How It Works

Do you need to call or text a group of people?

We'll do it for you.

who do you want
to call or text?

Give us a list of

phone numbers

You can upload a list or enter names and numbers on our website.

If you call the same group each time, you'll only
do this once.
what do you
want to say?


your message

Call us to record a voice message or enter a text message on our website.

You can also re-send a previous message.

you can

We'll contact

everyone for you

CallMultiplier will deliver your message to everyone quickly and efficiently.

See who has been reached and view their responses
in real-time.

CallMultiplier* Features
 Texting Send text messages to your group and view their responses in your account.
 Polling Get responses from your group including text replies and touchtone responses to your voice messages.
 Subgroups Divide your group into subgroups which allows you to send messages to specific subsets of your member list.
 Custom Caller ID Customize your calls with your Caller ID or use our Retrieval Number so that your members can call back and hear your message.
 Real-time Reporting Get real-time reports on your text and voice campaigns, including up-to-the-second poll responses.
 Schedule Ahead Record your messages in advance, and then schedule them to be sent out later.
 List Upload Upload an Excel spreadsheet, text document, or CSV file to create or modify your member list in seconds.
 Customer Service Free 24/7 Customer Service provided by our friendly Customer Specialists who will answer whatever questions you may have.
 And Much More... We are always improving and adding features. Is there something you'd like us to add? Give us a call or send us an email and we'll see what we can do!
To see a list of features available by special request, such as Live Transfers, API access, and more, click here!