CallMultiplier phone tree service

Voice Blast & Text Blast System

Broadcast messages instantly with easy voice and text blasts

CallMultiplier's automated voice and text broadcasting system sends time-sensitive text blasts and phone blast messages easily and inexpensively to members of any size group. It multiplies your single call or text into efficient call and SMS blasts, reaching everyone on your designated list at once! There's no hardware or software to buy, and your messages can be sent anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Easy-to-use, with ample training and 24/7 support

Our automated messaging service sends out voice or text blasts on your schedule: immediately or at the date and time you specify. Once your contacts are in the system, you can create all the subgroups you need to send targeted SMS or voicemail blasts.

Creating your voicemail blast message is a breeze. Just dial CallMultiplier's toll-free number and record your message. To broadcast an SMS blast, type a new message on our website or select a previous one. Choose when to send it - and whether you want it to go to your entire group or particular subgroups - and you're done!

Receive touch-tone or text responses from your members with our polling feature. Our real-time reporting shows you their responses and lets you monitor the status of your voice and text blasts, including who has and hasn't been reached.

Voice and text blasts let you do more in less time

Streamline your communications, maximize productivity, and minimize the burden on staff or volunteers with CallMultiplier's automated calling and texting service. See how fast and simple it is to send out your next text blast or voice blast to your group! It's super affordable and you choose the way you want to pay!