CallMultiplier Features Explained:

Caller ID Customization

You have two main options when choosing the Caller ID for the automated phone calls you send:
You can use a phone number you control like your personal cell phone or your main business line, or you can use one of our Message Playback phone numbers. We've laid out the primary benefits to each below, but you're welcome to use whatever works best for you. In fact, you can change the Caller ID on each robocall broadcast you send if that's what you want to do!
You can use one of our Message Playback phone numbers:
If someone misses your call, doesn't listen to their voicemail and simply calls back the phone number that called them, they will automatically hear your message. This way you don't have to answer their return calls and repeat yourself over and over.
This is also helpful if you're running a business and DON'T want to be overloaded with call-backs.
You can have your phone number show up on the Caller ID:
This lets your group members quickly see who the message is from, especially if you haven't sent them a robo call before.
This is beneficial if you are a business and you DO want them to call you back directly.
Quick & Easy Group Messaging
It only takes three simple steps to get your message out so you can concentrate on more important things. Sending voice blasts and mass text messages has never been this easy!
A Cost-Effective Solution
With our simple pricing and 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try us risk free today and see how much time you will save. Find the plan that works best for your budget and needs.

Call or text your group in just minutes!
Simple automated messaging that works.