Frequently Asked Questions


Of course! We have friendly customer service representatives standing by 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year. These representatives are employees of CallMultiplier and are working from our headquarters.

If you are not currently a customer please call us at (877) 225-5025. Existing customers can contact us at (877) 685-8485

CallMultiplier delivers messages to the entire United States and Canada. And yes, that includes both Alaska and Hawaii.

Yes, CallMultiplier is not to be used for unsolicited, telemarketing, or solicitation calls. Account holders are also responsible for complying with applicable laws. Members must also agree to abide by our Terms of Service and Responsible Use policies when creating a new account.

No, CallMultiplier is entirely web-based, so you don't need any special hardware or software.

Never! Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy describe how we keep your personal information safe.


To send a voice message to your group simply call our toll-free number and then proceed through the menus to record and send your message. You can also upload an audio file if you already have a message recorded that you want to send.

To send a text message simply login to our website and type a new message or select an existing message, and then send it to your group.

Yes. You can upload Excel spreadsheets, text files, or CSV files. Just upload your file through the member interface and your changes will be processed automatically.

Yes, through your member interface you can resend any message that you have sent in the past. You can also save messages in a separate library in order to easily send them anytime.

Yes, your CallMultiplier account includes up to 99 subgroups which you can assign people to, so that you can easily send messages just to them. You can even send a message to more than one subgroup at a time.

CallMultiplier will deliver messages to answering machines and voice mail if such a system answers the call rather than a person. If the phone rings busy or is not answered, our system will try to deliver the message again later. If you're on a Pay Per Message account, no message credits are deducted for a call unless it's delivered to a person or voicemail.

Yes, our calling campaigns feature polling, which allows you to get touch-tone responses from your members. Simply ask a question in your recorded message and the responses from your members will be shown in the real-time report for your campaign.

Additionally, if one of your members missed your message they can call our Message Playback number and still be able to provide a response to your message.

With text campaigns, your members can simply reply to your text and their response will be shown in your account.

Real-time results of your campaign are available through the member interface. You can see who has been reached, who has not been reached, polling responses from your group, and many other details of your campaign.

The Caller ID for calls can be set to display your number or a CallMultiplier Message Playback Number depending on your needs for any given campaign. When you use a CallMultiplier Message Playback Number, if one of your members misses your call they can call the Message Playback Number and hear your message.

When sending a text message the Caller ID will be the 10-digit number that was assigned to you when you enabled texting. Unfortunately, this texting Caller ID may not be customized to be your phone number.


No. Our Unlimited accounts specify the exact amount you will pay for the service for the period that you choose. There are no long distance charges, setup fees, or any other charges to use our service.

Our Unlimited accounts allow you to send an unlimited number of messages but have a restricted group size. These accounts are great for groups that have a fairly static list of people that they want to contact regularly or for groups that want a fixed monthly cost for their service.

Pay Per Message accounts are based on message credits which are pre-purchased in blocks. For completed calls, one message credit is deducted for every 30 seconds in your voice message. If a call is not answered then you are not charged a message credit for that call. For texting, one message credit is deducted for every text message sent. Inbound texts from your members are free. Pay Per Message accounts have no fixed group size, so they are best for those that contact groups of varying sizes or that may only need to use the service a few times per year.

No, if your message is not delivered to a particular phone number then you are not charged for the call. The only time a message credit is deducted is when your message is delivered to a person or to an answering system.

We strongly believe in our product and stand behind our service. If for any reason during your first 30 days of service you are not 100% satisfied you can close the account and receive a full refund. More details are available in our Terms of Service.


When you enable texting with CallMultiplier you are assigned a unique 10-digit phone number which will be the Caller ID on your outgoing texts. With a unique phone number there are no keywords to remember or for your members to mistype when replying to you.

To send a text message, simply type a new message or select a previously saved one, choose when you want it to be sent, and whether you want it to go to your entire group or particular subgroups and you're done!

Yes, members can simply reply to your messages the way they do to any other text message, and their responses will be shown in your account.

No, there are no extra charges to enable texting on your account or to send text messages. Customers on our Pay Per Message plan are charged one message credit for each text sent. Inbound texts from your members are free.

When you enable texting you are assigned a unique 10-digit number that will be used on your outgoing text messages. Because we gather and report your members' responses to your texts you are not able to customize this Caller ID to be your phone number.

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