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Our Valued Customers Include:
The Home Depot New York Fire Department Coca Cola The Hershey Company Macys Target The Salvation Army The Home Depot New York Fire Department Coca Cola The Hershey Company Macys Target The Salvation Army

Make One Call. Type One Text.
Let Us Multiply It!

Make a single call to CallMultiplier, or use our website to enter a text message, and we will multiply it and quickly deliver your important recorded voice or mass text message to everyone in your group.

24/7 Customer Service

We're always available when you need us. Whether that's late on a Saturday night, or early on a Tuesday morning, you can speak with a real CallMultiplier employee in our Oklahoma City offices who is eagerly awaiting the chance to help you!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try our service risk free! We believe so strongly that our voice broadcasting and mass texting service will meet your needs, we will refund 100% of your money should you cancel for any reason in the first 30 days.

Why use CallMultiplier?

Your time is precious, and you have an important message that you need to get out immediately to everyone in your group. CallMultiplier will solve your problem and help you communicate faster and easier than ever before. Free up your time to handle more important things by letting us take care of delivering your message to your group.
  • Simple & Cost Effective
    We offer a variety of simple pricing plans and ways to buy, including volume and term discounts, so there's a great solution for every budget and need.
  • Quickly & Easily Send Messages
    With our quick and easy mass texting and voice blast service, you can reach thousands in minutes with a phone call or text message.
  • Easy Management of Your Group Members
    Easily upload your existing contact list and organize subgroups to make sure the right people get the right message every time.
  • Powerful Advanced Capabilities
    You can do more than just send messages. Track your message progress and results in real time, customize your Caller ID, get responses from your messages, and so much more.
Call or text your group in just minutes!
Simple automated messaging that works.