Government Agencies

Use our voice broadcasting and mass texting service to send out a call blast or text blast to communicate important information to the public and/or staff members.
Quickly get important information and notifications out to your community members in a timely manner. Whether you need to notify a neighborhood of planned utility outages or alert the public to potential health or safety issues, CallMultiplier can efficiently deliver your message with our automated message system. Government agencies use CallMultiplier to:
Send emergency notifications
Alert the public to health and environmental issues
Send past due account notices
Announce planned service disruptions
Communicate with staff
Remind citizens of upcoming events
Reduce your costs and simplify your communications with CallMultiplier's easy-to-use voice broadcasting and mass texting service. Don't waste valuable staff hours on mass calling; let our call blast and text blast service do the work for you.
"We use CallMultiplier to notify people of bear sightings and warnings - It's great and instantly gets the word out. We recommend it to every community."
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Conrad, MT
"CallMultiplier works great! We like that we can send out notices and see the replies immediately."
Civil Air Patrol
East Patchogue, NY
"Because of CallMultiplier, our volunteer Fire Department crew has been able to respond to fires up to half an hour faster."
St. Joe Fire District
Calder, ID
"We love how fast our messages get delivered and the ability to track everything in real-time is really helpful."
Victim Services Volunteers
London, ON

24/7 Customer Service

We're always available when you need us. Whether that's late on a Saturday night, or early on a Tuesday morning, you can speak with a real CallMultiplier employee in our Oklahoma City offices who is eagerly awaiting the chance to help you!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try our service risk free! We believe so strongly that our voice broadcasting and mass texting service will meet your needs, we will refund 100% of your money should you cancel for any reason in the first 30 days.

Some Features Included For Free

Call or text your group in just minutes!
Simple automated messaging that works.