CallMultiplier Features Explained:

Customized File Uploads

Don't waste time reformatting your member list spreadsheets.
If you have an unusual file format and we cannot parse it automatically when you upload it as is, we can adapt our system to read your existing formatting. This is particularly important if you get a report from another system and want to upload it without reformatting. We can customize the entire process so you can upload the same report every time. That way you can use our robo call software without wasting valuable time reformatting.
We make it easy to take advantage of this feature.
Simply upload your member list in any standardized file format;
Tell us how you want your file processed; and
We will customize our upload service to handle that format automatically in the future.
Quick & Easy Group Messaging
It only takes three simple steps to get your message out so you can concentrate on more important things. Sending voice blasts and mass text messages has never been this easy!
A Cost-Effective Solution
With our simple pricing and 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try us risk free today and see how much time you will save. Find the plan that works best for your budget and needs.

Call or text your group in just minutes!
Simple automated messaging that works.