CallMultiplier Features Explained:

Polling / Member Responses

Get responses from your group including text replies and touch-tone responses to your voice messages. Send a mass text or voice broadcast and receive responses in real time.
For Voice Broadcasts:
You can request your members reply with a single digit touch-tone response (zero through nine). We'll not only compile the results on our website, you can see who sent which response and at what time. Your question and the meaning of responses is completely up to you. Let's say you are coaching little league and the practice field is too muddy. Try sending a message like this: "Hi guys, it's Coach Jones and the practice field is too muddy. We still need to get in another practice before our first game, so let's try to reschedule for sometime next week. If you would prefer Tuesday evening, press 1. If you'd prefer Thursday, press 2. And if you can make either day, press 3. Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to a great season!" Within minutes of sending that message you'll have a good idea of what works for everyone else and you can make an educated decision thanks to the quick phone blast you sent.
Of note, if you send a polling message and someone gets that message on their voicemail or answering machine, they can still respond by simply calling one of our Message Playback phone numbers. This way their response is still recorded and available in your real-time reports online.
For Bulk Texting:
Texting works a little differently. When you send a mass text message anyone can respond with a full text reply. Again you'll see who sent what reply and at what time, but we won't consolidate the responses because each reply may be unique. For the coach we used in the previous example it might be nice to send this text: "The practice field is too muddy & tonight's practice is canceled. Can you guys meet next week on Tuesday or Thursday? Or would some other day work better?" Again within minutes of your text broadcast you'll know what works for everyone else.
Quick & Easy Group Messaging
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