CallMultiplier Features Explained:


Organize your members into subgroups so everyone gets the messages most relevant to them.
Once you upload or manually enter your member list, you can then divide your group into subgroups. This allows you to send messages to specific subsets of your member list, so people only receive the messages that apply to them. There's no need to tell your entire company that the planning meeting has been delayed; simply send that message to your Planning Committee Subgroup and save the whole group SMS blast for an office closure or other event that affects everyone.
Text your entire group or just contact a specific subgroup to only send information to those who need it.
Upload your member list and create your subgroups.
Type or record your message.
Choose to send your message to your whole group or just the subgroup that needs to receive it.
Quick & Easy Group Messaging
It only takes three simple steps to get your message out so you can concentrate on more important things. Sending voice blasts and mass text messages has never been this easy!
A Cost-Effective Solution
With our simple pricing and 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try us risk free today and see how much time you will save. Find the plan that works best for your budget and needs.

Call or text your group in just minutes!
Simple automated messaging that works.