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Bulk Text Messaging Has Never Been Easier

Instantly deliver your message with our bulk text messaging service

When you need to notify many contacts at once but it may not be practical for them to receive phone calls or check voice mail, you'll love CallMultiplier's bulk text messaging services. Our bulk SMS software sends your text message to the cell phone of everyone on your contact list in just a few simple steps. It's fast, reliable and cost-effective - and convenient for your recipients. And, it ensures you get out a timely, consistent text message that minimizes confusion and disruption.

Effective, interactive communication

CallMultiplier's bulk text messaging software doesn't limit you to one-way communication. Your message recipients can send back responses immediately, enabling you to take action, make faster decisions or simply be assured that they received critical information. Recipients reply to your messages as they normally do with any other text message.

Bulk text messaging gets through where voice mail may not

Bulk sms software reaches members of your group even faster than voice messaging:

  • Recipients can read a text message in less time than it takes them to check their voicemail.
  • Your message gets read in settings or situations where it's not possible or convenient to check voice mail, such as while in a meeting at work or during a doctor's visit.
  • Receive timely, relevant responses to your message at times when your contacts are not free to talk but can send a quick text message in reply.

A snap to use, supported by our friendly, helpful staff

We made CallMultiplier incredibly easy to use. To send a text message, simply type a new message or select a saved one. Choose when you want it to be sent, and whether you want it to go to your entire group or particular subgroups. Hit "send" and you're done! Our online reports let you monitor the status of your bulk text message and see your group's responses in real-time.

Just as important, we're with you every step of the way with free training and helpful support. Our friendly account representatives are just a phone call or email away, 24/7, every day of the year. They'll be happy to walk you through setup, help with customizing features, or answer any questions that you have.

High-value, low-stress - and no risk!

CallMultiplier's bulk SMS software is simple, effective, affordable and flexible. When you sign up you'll appreciate that there are no setup fees, no long-term contracts, and no extra hardware or phone lines to pay for.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward: Pay by the message or by the month. We're so sure that you'll be pleased with CallMultiplier's bulk text messaging service that we offer a full, unconditional money-back guarantee! There's no downside, so get started today!