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Group Text Messaging Service

Mass text messaging without mass headaches

CallMultiplier's mass text messaging service is every bit as good at group text messaging as auto dialer service is at group phone messaging. Group text messaging with CallMultiplier reaches everyone in your list at once, just like auto dialing, and in some ways it can be easier and more convenient than voice broadcasting.

Advantages of bulk SMS messaging

If your message needs to get to your group as fast as possible, bulk SMS actually has a bit of an advantage over voice messaging. After all, it takes less time to read a 160-character text message than it does to listen to a phone message or return a call.

Bulk texting isn't just faster, either. The people on your list can read and respond to a text message in situations where they wouldn't be able to listen to a voice mail or take a phone call, in a meeting at work, for example. The sooner your contacts see your message, the more time they'll have to respond or adjust their plans.

Your members can even send text responses back to you, and you can view these responses in our real-time reports that let you monitor the status of your text blasts.

Mass text messaging software: easy to use and affordable

CallMultiplier's autodialer software is easy to use, and the same is true of our bulk SMS software. We provide unlimited free training and friendly 24/7 phone support. Our knowledgeable professionals are always available to answer questions, provide assistance and make sure that your message gets out quickly and easily.

With CallMultiplier there's no additional hardware or software to buy, and no setup fees or long-term contracts. Sign up today and get started in minutes with mass group text messaging . Our unconditional 30-day satisfaction guarantee makes it completely risk free!