CallMultiplier phone tree service

Automated Calling & Texting for Business

Employee notification system - Simplify employee contacts

Today's speed of business - and need for rapid communication - calls for a hardworking employee notification system: CallMultiplier. When you need to reach large numbers of employees in a hurry, we get your messages and meeting reminders out quickly and cost-effectively by voice and/or text message.

An essential employee emergency contact solution

A reliable employee emergency contact system is imperative for business continuity planning. In the event of utility outages, weather emergencies, fire, floods or evacuation orders, how will you reach everyone with the latest information - and how fast? Whatever the emergency, CallMultiplier ensures that you get your message out in minutes. Just dial our toll-free number from any phone to record and send your message, and CallMultiplier will make the calls for you!

Send meeting reminders, share important news

Use CallMultiplier for many other employee and customer contact needs: Provide timely meeting reminders, announce training opportunities or share company news. Call employees to immediately fill an open shift or when a shift is changed or cancelled. Communicate benefit enrollment information and deadlines or collect information with surveys.

You can send reminders and urgent notices as text messages too. CallMultiplier delivers your messages and makes it easy to track results. Use it to:

  • Keep employees up to date on new products, offers, sales and special events
  • Notify employees of shifts that need to be filled
  • Send meeting confirmations and reminders
  • Remind staff about company events and deadlines
  • Communicate shipping status and orders ready for pickup
  • Send appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Conduct quick surveys or request feedback from employees

You can also receive touch-tone or text responses from your members with our polling feature. Our real-time reporting shows you their responses and lets you monitor the status of your voice and text blasts, including who has and hasn't been reached.

Please note that Federal and State Regulations prohibit the use of services such as CallMultiplier for telemarketing without explicit, written permission from the call recipient agreeing to receive automated calls.

Save time, spend less, free up man-hours

So whether you're needing to reach numerous employees at once, or using our service as an employee notification system, why tie up employees making endless calls when our system automates the process? CallMultiplier is easy-to-use and efficient. There's no hardware or software to buy, and no service fees. This powerful multitasker is highly cost-effective. And, there's no risk with our unconditional, 30 day money-back guarantee. Get started today!