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What is a phone tree?

A phone tree is a system of delivering the same message to a group of people. Traditionally this has been done by networking people in such a way that allows message recipients to become message deliverers. For example, the person initiating the message would call two people, and then those two people would each call two people with every message recipient repeating the process until the entire group is reached. Common problems inherent in this type of system are message recipients who do not answer their phone thus breaking the chain, and message recipients who do not pass on the message correctly. A far simpler and more reliable solution is to use an automated phone tree.

Why is an automated phone tree better?

Automating a phone tree allows one person to record a voice message and send it directly to the entire member list simultaneously. This ensures that everyone receives the same message at the same time and eliminates all of the problems associated with manual phone trees. This removes the need for several people to pass on messages.

By utilizing a voice broadcasting service, you can rest assured that your message will always be quickly and easily delivered without having to purchase any equipment or add any additional phone lines. A Voice Broadcasting service will use their own specialized equipment to deliver your voice message simultaneously to all of the members in your phone tree.

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Similar Terms:
Call Tree, Phone Blast, Voice Broadcasting Call Blast, Mass Notification System, Emergency Notification System
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