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What is a Phone Tree?

Phone Tree

A phone tree is a system of delivering the same message to a group of people. Traditionally this is done by networking people in such a way that allows message recipients to become message deliverers. For example, the person initiating the message would call two people, and then those two people would call two people, etc. Common problems inherent in this type of system are message recipients who do not answer their phone, or do not pass on a message correctly. A more simple and reliable solution is to use an automated phone tree.

Automated Phone Tree

Automating a phone tree allows one person to record a message and send it directly to the entire member list. This removes the need for several people to pass on messages.

If you utilize a voice broadcasting service, this can be accomplished without the need to purchase any equipment of your own. Voice Broadcasting services will use their own telephone equipment to call the members of your phone tree.

Similar Terms

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How can CallMultiplier help?

CallMultiplier can automate your phone tree, removing the need for several people to pass on messages. Plus, there is no costly equipment to purchase and setup! Just call our toll-free number to record a message and we'll do the rest of the work!

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