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What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is a method of delivering a recorded voice message to multiple phone numbers at once. once a list of numbers and message is give to a voice broadcasting service, the phone calls are made automatically without any further action needed.

Voice Broadcasting is invaluable for anyone who needs to deliver the same message to multiple people. Examples of organizations who use this type of service include:

  • Schools
  • Religious Organizations
  • Political Campaigns
  • Sports Groups
  • Staffing Companies
  • Sports Groups

Similar Terms

Phone Blast, Automated Call, Phone Tree

How can CallMultiplier help?

Callmultiplier uses Voice Broadcasting to send your important messages out quickly and easily! There is no costly equipment to purchase and setup! Just call our toll-free number to record a message and we'll do the rest of the work! Click here to see how it works!