CallMultiplier phone tree service

More Uses for Automated Calling

Clubs, camps and organizations of all kinds across the country can rely on CallMultiplier and voice broadcasting to improve communication. You can inform and even excite members. You can keep parents and campers updated on changes or ensure your staff stays informed. See how we can benefit your club, camp or organization now.

More ideas? Use the immediacy of the telephone and the power of your voice to reach thousands of voters with your message. CallMultiplier can increase turnout, sway opinion, counter attacks, and win elections and levies.

In the event of an emergency, CallMultiplier can automate your old fashioned call tree and deliver your message immediately. We understand the impact of interruptions so we do the leg work (actually, phone work) for you.

You do not need extensive technical knowledge to set up and maintain your lists for your call tree. Your list becomes easy to manage and changes can be made online, anytime! We have a wide array of integration modules to synchronize data with your call lists.

If you need the help of CallMultiplier but don't find a pricing plan on our website that fits your needs, please call us at (877) 225-5025 or fill out the Contact Us form and we will customize a solution for your automated calling and texting needs!