CallMultiplier phone tree service

Automated Calling & Texting for Schools

Instantly alert everyone to school closings and timely information

CallMultiplier quickly communicates school closings and sends other school alerts in minutes to students, parents, teachers, staff and anyone else your school needs to reach. Whether you need to send an emergency message schoolwide, publicize school events or alert specific groups to time-sensitive information, CallMultiplier gets the word out efficiently and reliably.

A necessity for any school system

With school budgets and staff stretched, CallMultiplier saves you time and money. Simply make one phone call to record your message and we contact your group in minutes. School closing text alerts are just as effortless: type it once and you're done. And, unlike older school notification systems, you don't have to buy expensive hardware, software or service contracts. All you pay for is our easy-to-use service - by the month or by the message.

A proven parent notification system - and more

CallMultiplier makes all your calls in minutes when there are school closings, schedule changes, weather warnings and other safety issues. It's also invaluable for:

  • Notifying parents when students are absent or late
  • Sharing news about illness outbreaks or health issues
  • Providing a heads-up on project deadlines or report cards
  • Promoting upcoming events and programs
  • Encouraging greater parental involvement

You can also receive touch-tone or text responses from your message recipients with our polling feature. Our real-time reporting shows you their responses and lets you monitor the status of your voice and text blasts, including who has and hasn't been reached.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

From school closing alerts to everyday communications, discover how easy and affordable it is to get important messages out to your school community. We provide free training and friendly 24/7 phone support. Our knowledgeable professionals are always available to walk you through the entire process of launching a broadcast. We are so sure that CallMultiplier will help your school that we offer an unconditional, 30 day money-back guarantee. Get started today!