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About Us: Learn more about the company behind CallMultiplier.
Affiliates: Find out how to refer customers and make money!
Automated Calling :CallMultiplier's automated calling is so easy you don't even have to be at a computer to send a message. Simply call our toll-free number, record your message and you're done!
Automated Message Service : With CallMultiplier's automated message service its simple to set up your phone list, record your message, hit send or schedule it to go out at a later date and time and you're done!
Auto Dialer - General Information : With CallMultiplier's auto dialer software, you can multiply a single call to reach dozens, hundreds or thousands of recipients at once.
Business - General Information: When you need to reach large numbers of employees quickly, CallMultiplier's easy to use voice and/or text messaging system can get your messages and meeting reminders out quickly and cost-effectively. See what automated calling can do for your business.
Bulk Text Messaging :Bulk text messaging gets through where voice mail may not and doesn't limit you to one way communications.
CallMultiplier Phone Tree Home : CallMultiplier home page is the place to start your search for a summary of our text and voice broadcasting services.
Contact Us: We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Emergency Notification System :When seconds count CallMultiplier's emergency notification system can reach everyone in minutes with voice and text messages containing emergency information, crucial situation updates, and warning messages.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions... and Answers!
Glossary: A glossary of terms found on our site.
Group Text Messaging Service: With CallMultiplier's Mass Group Text Messaging service the people on your list will be able to read and respond to your text messages in situations where they wouldn't be able to listen to a voice mail or take a phone call.
How it Works: Learn more about CallMultiplier's Automated Calling Service.
More Applications: CallMultiplier can be used for all kinds of purposes.
News: From time to time we like to tell the world about the exiciting stuff happening at CallMultiplier.
Non-profits - General Information: Reach out to organize and mobilize your volunteers and donors quickly and easily while saving time and money by automating your phone calls.
Pricing Main Page: General pricing information about CallMultiplier.
Privacy Policy: Get the details on how we WON'T share your information with others.
Religious Groups: Does your church staff provide prayer chains, prayer lines? Do you ever need to contact certain groups within your congregation from parents of VBS children to members of the choir? We can automate your phone tree. Let CallMultiplier make the calls for you.
Remove My Number: We honor your request to stop calling.
Robo Calls and Robocall Services: Robo calls can be viewed negatively but churches, businesses, schools & more use CallMultiplier's automated calling effectively.
Schools - General Information: Deliver the message to your school in minutes. Whether you need to send an emergency message schoolwide, publicize school events or alert specific groups to time-sensitive information, CallMultiplier gets your voice and text messages out efficiently and reliably.
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Sports Team Caller - General Information: Game rained out, change of venue or start time of game? CallMultiplier's easy to use phone and messaging system will call your team, parents, coaches, players, referees and anyone else you want to deliver your message using our automated calling system.
Staffing Companies - General Information: You've landed a large job order from a big client and you need to contact hundreds of associates at once. No problem, CalllMultiplier's automated phone and text messaging system can reach all your eligible contacts all at once. Setup a poll to see if they're interested and if so your staff only needs to follow up on those leads!
Terms of Service: These are the terms that guide how you can and can't use the CallMultiplier service.
Voice Blast & Text Blast System: CallMultiplier sends time-sensitive text blasts and phone blast messages easily and inexpensively.