CallMultiplier phone tree service

Automated Calling & Texting for Staffing

Contact Job Seekers Instantly With Temp Agency Software

You know the drill: Your big client calls last minute and needs several positions filled the next day. Or, you've landed a large job order and need to contact hundreds of potential candidates at once. No worries - you've found the perfect temp agency software - CallMultiplier. When you need to reach your job seekers in a hurry by voice and/or text message, rely on our staffing notification system.

Save time and money

It takes just a few minutes to set up a list of job seekers, then call and record your message. CallMultiplier does the rest, delivering your message instantly and consistently. With this affordable, automated alternative to a staffing call tree, your agency can be more responsive to clients and more productive.

A staffing notification system that truly multitasks

CallMultiplier is your secret weapon for:

  • Filling job orders
  • Confirming candidate availability
  • Updating your contact lists
  • Informing job seekers about jobs or duties
  • Reminding associates to submit timesheets
  • Updating databases and validating data
  • Addressing holiday schedules
  • Controlling costs

Automatically gather responses from your job seekers

Not only does staffing voice and text message broadcasting quickly and accurately deliver your message to your job seekers, CallMultiplier's polling feature provides you with touchtone or text responses from them in real time. In just minutes, it generates a list of interested candidates. For example:

"Hi, this is Mary with Staffing, Inc. We have a position available starting tomorrow for which we think you are a good candidate. The position pays $22 per hour and requires A, B, and C qualifications. If you are interested in this position press 1. if you are not interested press 2, or if you are no longer seeking employment press 3."

Our real-time reporting shows you their responses and lets you monitor the status of your voice and text broadcasts, including who has and hasn't been reached.

Affordable, reliable and satisfaction guaranteed!

Our staffing notification service is remarkably powerful, yet easy to use. We provide free training and friendly 24/7 phone support. Our knowledgeable professionals are always available to walk you through the entire process of launching a broadcast. It's never been easier to replace your cumbersome staffing call tree with CallMultiplier's cost-efficient temp agency software.

With a staffing account you simply pre-purchase blocks of message credits and only get charged for completed calls. There are no additional costs: no hardware, software or phone lines to buy or install and there are never any long-distance charges. Plus, there are no contracts or setup fees. And, we're the only automated calling company to back our services with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. Don't scramble when that next big order comes in - be ready! Set up your CallMultiplier account today!