CallMultiplier phone tree service

Religious Groups - Voice Broadcasting

Instantly notify congregations or accelerate prayer chains

CallMultiplier makes it easy for congregations to quickly share information, maximize member involvement, and operate prayer lines or prayer chains. Our efficient and affordable automated tool for churches, synagogues, mosques and temples gets the same information out via phone and/or text to targeted recipients instantaneously. By streamlining communication, our simple-to-use system keeps your congregation connected and engaged for a more vibrant, cohesive, active and expanding community.

Save time sending urgent notices, news and prayer requests

Imagine the possibilities: Use CallMultiplier for church announcements, funeral and shiva notices, volunteer requests and real-time reports from mission participants. Deliver urgent messages, such as cancellations of events, religious school or services, schedule changes, or notifications of emergency situations. Alert members to volunteer, fundraising, study group, youth group, sisterhood and brotherhood activities. Promote special services, programs, guest speakers, sermon series, concerts and dinners. Use announcements to boost attendance, and response capabilities to estimate your turnout.

CallMultiplier accommodates multiple authorized users, and sends automated voice messages, reminder calls and/or texts to specific subgroups, such as updating your choir on rehearsal times. Plus, hearing the personal voice of your congregation's leaders fosters a sense of belonging. That makes it ideal for welcoming new members, reaching out to those who are ill or shut-in, and for prayer chains and prayer lines.

Great service 24/7, backed by a money-back guarantee

Learn how CallMultiplier can speed and simplify communications with your congregation. Ready to save precious time, reduce costs, minimize confusion and make sure everyone gets the correct information? See how inexpensive and easy it is to set up everything from everyday notifications to urgent news and prayer chains. Get started today!